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Banks, tax and healthcare in Canada

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Toronto-skyline-whv.jpgBanks and payments in Canada


Opening a bank account is quite easy when you are living in Canada, as you need only turn up at one of the banks in Canada with your passport and an address to which your bank card can be posted. For those travelling on Working Holiday Visa, you will need to open an account with one of the banks in Canada before starting any paid work.


Visa and Mastercard are accepted everywhere, and generally include travel insurance. However you will get bank fees on each transactions abroad. If you are planing to stay more than a few weeks, Get a Travel Currency Card! They are free to use in shops, hotels, restaurants and other outlets worldwide!


Global roaming and SIM


All hotels in Canada are equipped with a broadband Internet connection as well as many computers, available to use 24/7. If you're on a tight budget, you should note that all libraries have an excellent free wifi network, accessible to everyone. 



Working Holiday Visa applicants and students are strongly advised to purchase either a global roaming SIM card or a local SIM card on their arrival to Canada, as you can save up to 90% on international calls. For short stays, vouchers for international calls are available and can be used from any landline. They can be found in any grocery store and other news stands.


Canadian Working Holiday Visa tax refunds



As a non-resident, you are not required to pay income tax during the period spent working and living in Canada on the Working Holiday Visa. Income tax is deducted at source and will be automatically deducted from your gross salary. 


The average Canadian tax refund is CA $980 : no refund, no fee policy!


Specialised agencies like TAXBACK generally take a small fee, but it’s often worth paying a little extra to avoid the complexities and lengthy administrative procedures that you will be forced to endure as a result of making a direct claim.


Insurance and healthcare


Healthcare in Canada is largely publically funded and most of it is freely available to residents and tourists. Private medical care is also available for those with medical insurance, and as a traveller with a Canadian Working Holiday Visa, it is advisable to have medical insurance whilst travelling in another country.


The medical care for those living in Canada is very good, and the numbers of staff and equipment within hospitals makes the standard of healthcare in Canada on a par with the best in the world.


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