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Five Ways To Get A Great Hospitality Internship

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If you are interested in pursuing a career within the field of hospitality, you should know that obtaining and completing an internship can help you accomplish your objective. In many cases, individuals who are interested in completing hospitality internships find it challenging to do so. If this is the case for you, the following five strategies can be of great assistance:


1. Career Services Centers

Using the services provided by a career services center to obtain a hospitality internship is a great idea, and for several reasons. First of all, Career Services Centers tend to get systematic, frequent updates regarding any internships that become available. Once this happens, they will report this information to students and/or other people who frequent their facility. Additionally, Career Services Centers tend to provide services that increase the likelihood that prospective interns will attain the position they desire. Thus whether you need assistance in putting together a professional resume or would like to go on a mock interview to increase your confidence in speaking with prospective employers, a Career Services Center can be of great assistance to you.


2. Networking

Networking is another wonderful strategy you can implement in order to obtain a great hospitality internship. With networking, students develop meaningful, professional relationships with individuals who operate within the hospitality sector, including prospective employers. There are a million different ways that you can network effectively, including by forming a relationship with any professors or instructors you have who teach hospitality courses. Oftentimes these individuals know people who work within the hospitality sector and can provide you with information regarding where internships are available. Another networking strategy you can employ would be to attend hospitality conferences, lectures, or webinars where prospective employers may be on the look-out for new interns.




3. RMLV Course Certification

Attaining your RMLV certificate is another great technique you can implement for the purpose of attaining a great hospitality internship. The RMLV course taken to obtain the certification is required for licensees (if they are individuals) as well as approved managers. In some cases, RMLV training is required for those who hold permits. Obtaining an RMLV certification typically involves completing an RMLV course that emphasizes:

• Responsibilities under the Liquor Act 1992.

• Management strategies that will assist in the successful operation of a licensed venue

• Self-audit and risk management processes that ensure the responsible and continued safe operation of a business


To obtain the RMLV certificate, one must participate in this course, which generally takes two days to complete and constitutes approximately ten study hours. The course can be delivered in a one-on-one environment or a classroom, as well as through video conferencing that employs use of online video conferencing technological tools. In either case, the course is taught by an approved trainer. Individuals who are serious about obtaining a great hospitality internship should know that getting the RMLV certificate is a great way to help facilitate this process. In addition to showing prospective employers that you have obtained a substantive amount of knowledge and experience within your field, getting the certification also indicates your willingness to comply with company rules and regulations that will ensure the smooth functioning of the business. 


4. School Performance

Performing well in school is an excellent way to increase the likelihood that you will obtain a hospitality internship. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that your professor or instructor can provide you with a strong recommendation letter. Additionally, internship candidates who can list an excellent GPA on their applications will often stand out in the minds of prospective employers. When you begin working hard to develop and maintain a GPA, remember that strong school performance is not just about grades. Additionally, it incorporates the cultivation of good behavior and etiquette such as general respect for self and others, timeliness, etc.


5. Temporary Employment Staffing Agency

Yet another strategy you can employ in order to get a great hospitality internship would be to frequent a Temporary Employment Staffing Agency . Like Career Services Centers, these facilities will typically receive regular updates regarding any internship opportunities that are available. In addition to sharing this information with you, they may offer assistance in the form of mock interviews or resume preparation.


Summing It All Up

If you are interested in getting a great hospitality internship, you should know that there are several ways you can accomplish your objective. In addition to attending networking events and performing well in school, you can obtain assistance through Career Services Centers and Temporary Employment Staffing Agencies. You can also obtain RMLV certification. By implementing some or all of the strategies, you will likely obtain a great hospitality internship and move forward in accomplishing all of your vocational objectives. Good luck!


This post comes from Aew, an MBA who has done a bit of career swapping herself. She started in administration, but now finds herself in marketing.

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