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All you can do on a Gap Year and Working Holiday in Australia

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Working Holiday and Students in Australia


Taking a gap year in Australia is easy to do with the Working Holiday Visa. Ideas for what to do include:


Taking on paid work : hospitality and fruit-picking jobs


Working Holiday Visa Australia

Receive ongoing job assistance during your working holiday on your gap year Australia, in addition to accessing thousands of casual jobs for 12 months!  Job offers could be for a short term temporary contract, long term (6 months), harvesting/ farm work or even on a day to day basis, casual work. Included : backpacker accommodation, social activities, bank account, and much more!


Enhancing your CV during your gap year Australia


internship-AustraliaWith a Graduate internship in - guaranteed before you leave your home country! 6 to 9 month internship positions available in  Marketing, Design, Finance, Events, Business Management, IT& Computing, HR, Teaching, PR & Media...Ongoing support and social activities during your entire stay in Australia.


Study English in Australia


Australian Working Holiday Visa

Non native English speakers might find it hard to look for a job on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. Our General or Intensive English programs will give you the confidence to apply for jobs and to start on a good note by meeting like-minded travellers. English course available all over Australia, Home Stay and Job assistance on request. 



Don't miss out on opportunities on your gap year in Australia...



  • Going out in vibrant cities like Sydney
  • Diving in the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns 
  • Cruising in the Whitsunday Islands
  • 4x4 camping trip on Fraser Island
  • Learning to surf at Brisbane and Byron Bay
  • Having a barbecue on the beach
  • Sleeping under the stars in the Outback 
  • Aboriginal land - Kakadu National Park 
  • Skydivingat Mission Beach (Cairns)
  • Taking a ride along the Great Ocean Road
  • Going wine tasting in the Barossa Valley - Adelaide
  • Exploring the untouched West Coast - Perth


Travel Tips




  • Save money on your gap year in Australia, by renting a campervan or buying a car online!
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