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Base2.jpgRent a flat or find a flatshare in Sydney


Are you looking to live in Australia for work or travel? If so, why not make your choice of property for rent a furnished flat, and make the place feel more like home? Choose from a wide range of locations in the city of Sydney and from as little as $99 a night!



Girls-champagne.jpg- Ideal for travellers who are hoping to work whilst abroad, furnished property to rent comes in the form of comfortable crash pads at great prices that elleviate the stress of finding somewhere to stay.

  • - International students will find it easy to make friends by living in shared furnished property for rent, from as little as $195 per week in Sydney (minimum stay is one month)
  • - Travellers looking for a more social atmosphere would be better suited to larger furnished houseshares when they are living in Australia

- Ideal for those who love the city vibe and a more lively scene, with two bedroom apartments available from $840 per week in Sydney centre!

- Choose the type of property to rent that suits your needs when you are living in Australia! Whether it's for one month or six, there are so many options to choose from. 


Contact us for more information and to book the most comfortable way to live in  Australia!

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