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volunteer-Geneva.jpgWhen you visit the city of Geneva in Switzerland, one thing that you will learn is that this is a city that cares about everything - including the environment, it people, and it’s culture. That is why if you find yourself on an extended Swiss holiday in Geneva , you will discover many ways to help out the city’s causes, which is also a great way to get to know the local people, their customs and culture. As well, if you plan to stay in the Geneva area for about six months to a year, there are international organizations that will even connect you to host families who will let you stay in their homes while you volunteer for the various projects in the area that include working on anything from food drives to film festivals.


Serve the City Geneva


Geneva-volunteer.jpgServe the City Geneva is an organization that manages, equips, and mobilizes volunteers for already existing charity organizations that serve the poor and the marginalized in the city of Geneva. So when a charity needs volunteers for an event, it is Serve The City that they contact to get the necessary people to staff whatever it is they are doing. Volunteer work for Serve the City is mainly community work which requires no training and may include light construction, serving meals, gardening, painting, or staffing cultural and sporting events. So if you are ever planning a city break in Geneva, you can easily volunteer for the day and still make a difference.   Serve the City also organizes outings like “random acts of kindness” where you can give out free hugs to citizens who could use a lift in their day.


International Conference Volunteers


volunteer-abroad.jpgThe IC Volunteers have about ten offices around the world, but their main headquarters - and also where they were founded in 1997 – is in Geneva. This is also where the bulk of their volunteer efforts are concentrated. Volunteering with IC Volunteers is a little more long-term than Serve the City, and also a little more cerebral. This is because the organization uses the city of Geneva more symbolically as a place where world peace and humanitarian efforts can be effectively promoted worldwide. IC Volunteers is a perfect place for college graduates who want to get involved in international communication and environmental efforts. There are many different types of opportunities for globally-minded volunteers, including playing host at one-day conferences, cyber-volunteering, article writing, and long-term volunteering at the Geneva offices.  Duties require college-level skills like translating, IT knowledge, article writing, live interviewing, editing publications, office managing, website maintenance, program managing, bookkeeping, and transportation licenses.


The Visions of Reality Film Festival, Nyon


volunteer-Geneva-1.jpgAbout 20 kilometers around the Lake from the city of Geneva is the picturesque town of Nyon. Every year in April, since its inception in 1969, The Visions of Reality Film Festival in Nyon has presented Swiss Films and films from other countries that would otherwise not be seen by the general public. There is also a sponsored competition for young film makers. Volunteering at this event is prestigious and also a lot of fun. Most of the jobs are host positions, meaning that you are assigned to greet either festival attendees like the film directors who come into town, or the general public at the events. You can also volunteer at the help desk, act as an information runner, or as a flyer distributer before the event itself.  If you enjoy Lake Geneva in the spring and you are a foreign film buff, then you will absolutely love volunteering for the Visions of Reality Film Festival in Nyon.


La Maíson De Tara


volunteer-abroad-1.jpgLe Maíson de Tara, situated in the Commune of Chene-Bougeries of Geneva, was established as a public utility charity in 2007. Le Maíson de Tara is a non-medical facility that offers end-of-life care for those who cannot live at home in their final days, but also do not need a hospital. And while doctors are allowed to visit, this 24-hour facility depends mainly on the volunteer staff that provide the homelike environment that Le Maíson de Tara is known for. There is a one hundred hour training course that is required to be a volunteer, as well as the ability to deal with people who are dying, but most volunteers say that they walk away with a better understanding of their own lives and also the value of life in general. Volunteering in this historic home in Geneva has also been described by volunteers as extremely therapeutic for problems they are experiencing in their own lives. 


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