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Finding seasonal work and farm work


Fruit picking jobs are mainly relevant to those on a Working Holiday Visa. Most fruit picking jobs that are available as part of the Working Holiday Visa are seasonal or temporary, and require neither skills nor specific experience. Working Holiday Visa jobs are generally paid the minimum wage (AUD 16.87 per hour in Australia, NZD 14.25 per hour in New Zealand). Salaries can be lower in rural areas but workers often benefit from discounted accommodation and meals.


Don't miss out on your chance to land fruit picking jobs and farm work ! These programs are available to WORKING HOLIDAY VISAholders only!   Need FREE advice? Contact us! 


Job Club Membership Australia

See these live job offers on the right hand side?  We get dozens of new fruit picking jobs every day. Be the first to apply to access  paid work in Australia!  We guarantee two job offers in farm work or hospitality.


Job Club Membership New Zealand

In New Zealand, our job experts will guide you through the application process and provide you with a list of employers. 


Study and Work program in Australia

For non native English speakers who are planing to look for a job on a working holiday visa, we offer flexible English classes in Australia to maximise your chances to get paid work as soon as you can! 


Study and Work program in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you can combine English classes with farm work, volunteer work, outdoor activities or a Barista course. 



English course + fruit picking or hospitality jobs

- 6 weeks of English course in Queenstown

- Organisation of 2 job interviews (hospitality job or farm work) 

- Assistance with CV, workshop and seminars


English course + Farm Work  

- 12 weeks English language course in Bay of Islands

- Accommodation and meals at the farm (Wwoof)



Farmwork365 : jobs to get your 2nd year Working Holiday Visa in Australia 


Unique job board in Australia dedicated to farm jobs for 2nd Year Working Holiday visas.



Enter Discount code FP18 and get $6 off your VIP membership! ($18 instead of $24)




Advantages of working on a farm


Seasonal work is generally easy to obtain since it requires neither skill nor specific experience and above all, requires no specific language knowledge. Millions of backpackers and Working Holiday Visa are employed in harvest jobs each year. In Australia, for example, many travellers decide to work and travel for up to 12 months following the famous " Harvest Trail".


  • You save money as opportunities to spend money in the countryside are few!
  • Sociable, with plenty of opportunities to meet other backpackers
  • You improve your English before you start looking for another job
  • You get to explore the rural way of life and traditional farms.
  • You can apply for a second Working Holiday Visa after 3 months working in rural areas



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