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Getting to Canada


Those that would like to know how to get to Canada should pay attention to the following advice.


  • When travelling from Europe, Canada is served by British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Alitalia, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Air Transat and Condor.
  • Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver can be reached by train. They are linked to the United Statesby road or plane. 
  • Travelers from Asiacan fly using Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, EVA with China Airlines. Air Canada also connects Toronto to New Delhi, Hong Kong and Beijing.
  • When travelling from Latin America, Air Canada serves Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chili, Brazil and Argentina. LACSA flies to Montreal and Toronto from Costa Rica via Cuba.


Canada airports


The main international Canada airports are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Those interested in getting to Canada who would like to visit any of the other main cities would need to take connecting flights or travel by road in order to reach alternative destinations. The busiest and most frequently used domestic Canada airports are Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, which is due to the rise in domestic, or in-land flights within Canada.


WHV Canada

Flight duration to Vancouver


9hrs 30mins from London Heathrow or Paris

5hrs 5mins from Melbourne International

6hrs 6mins from JFK, New York

13hrs 33mins from New Delhi International




Flights to Canada are very expensive at Christmas and during July/August as these are known as “Hinge” periods. Travellers interested in getting in Canada during spring and autumn are more likely to reap favourable air prices. Use Skyscanner to compare prices and availability for your chosen Canada airport


The most common Round the World tickets, and consequently the cheapest, generally include several stops in the US but do not serve Canada. However,you can easily travel from New York to Toronto or Montreal by train or car. It works out much cheaper to add a detour by road from New York, than to add a destination to your Round the World ticket . Bear this in mind when you are looking for a good deal for a flight to a Canada airport!

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