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working holiday visa jobWhen it comes to work abroad and vacation at the same time, most think that these two words shouldn’t mix.  However, many of us out there want to travel and work at the same time.  While you probably don’t want to make a career of these jobs, I wanted to give you some pointers on how to find a job while out on the road.  Whether it’s for a few weeks or even a year, here’s what you can consider…


Go where the job is

It is best to go to the places where there is a great need for workers. There are stores that are doing better than others. Let’s face it. Not all stores and businesses are thriving during the holidays. Many are struggling to make ends meet and even to keep their existing employees on the payroll. It is true that there are businesses that may need to get more workers during the holidays and you need to make your research and seek those out. Look at the demand in the area because every geographical location is going to vary.


Go to a temp agency

Most businesses would source their temporary workers through temp agencies. You don’t know where to find one there are lots of announcements in local newspapers and even on the Internet. Temp agencies are in dire need of workers to fulfill the orders of their principals. A temp agency will be able to hook you up with an employer based on your profile and abilities.


Go early and follow up

Most employers have stacks and stacks of resumes. You need to have your resume at the top of the stack if you want to get more chances of getting hired. It is also important to keep it current by following up on your application often. Most companies vary with their hiring.  Walk into some companies nearby and just be honest.  You would be surprised at what kind of jobs they may potentially have.


Go through and take things seriously

Working temporarily may not last long but it doesn’t mean that you will not pour your darn best. Let’s face the facts. There are lots of people wanting a piece of your job and could do a better performance than you do. If you take the jobs for granted it will not fit you well. That is why when you apply put your best foot forward.


Go and get the job nobody wants

More often the job that nobody wants is the one available. This increases your chances of getting a paycheck at the end of the term. Show that you are willing to take the job or take the high road and find another job. Temporary jobs are also being sought after by jobless people that have lost their permanent employment due to many reasons. That is why you need show your best even if it only a temporary job because your dedication might get noticed and they may offer you a permanent one.


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