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Travelling in Canada on a Working Holiday

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Canada is a North American country with ten provinces and three territories. The country is very developed and therefore has a wide variety of employment opportunities. Employment opportunities range from the services industry, research, manufacturing as well as tourism.



Working holiday in Canada are enjoyable due the large number of facilities such as hotels, amusement parks, restaurants and night clubs. Travelling around the various cities is also easy due the availability of taxis that operate twenty four hours. There are also commuter buses as well as local flights. The commuter train also eases traffic congestion and is very convenient. One can book train ticket either through a travel agent, at the stations, via the phone or online. Fares and packages for the tickets include express deals, VIA Gift Cards, business travels, escape fares and rail passes. This ensures that a Working Holiday in Canada is enjoyed.


Working holiday in Canada provides great opportunities for one to gain international experience, earn money while at the same time enjoy their stay. Various attraction points include:

Sports and Recreation

Canada offers a variety of leisure sports such as skiing resorts, parks, museums and the recreation facilities. Skiing is a favorite sport during the winter and therefore there are various areas where the sport is popular. The ski season is usually between November and April. Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta are the most popular ski destinations and have popular ski resorts such as Whistler Blackcomb and the Black Country lodges. The country has a variety of sports that are adored by both locals and tourists. Lacrosse, ice hockey, curling and baseball are among the favorite sports. Golf courses are also in plenty. Wrestling and cycling are other favorite sports. People can therefore participate in many games as a way of passing time.

Amusement Parks

Canada has parks and reserves that are worth visiting. Banff, Bruce Peninsula, Cape Breton Highlands and Elk Island are some of the attractions that one can visit while on holiday. Parks are available to the public across various towns and are accessible any time of the day.

Hotels and Restaurants

Being a tourist destination, Canada has some of the finest restaurants and hotels. There are a number of five star as well as four star hotels. The prices range from 50 dollars to 300 dollars depending on one’s ability to spend. The most famous hotel is the Four Seasons Toronto. The Opus Hotel, Nellligan and Dominion 1912 hotel are other hotels where one can be accommodated. The hotels are good for historical, business as well as holiday travel. They are also good for the family and a road trip.


Most bars and nightclubs are found in Toronto. The city houses the Government, North America’s biggest night club. This is another club in Toronto that is known to offer a quality night life. Generally, depending on one’s lifestyle, there are various night clubs virtually in all the towns that are worth visiting. This definitely makes a working holiday in Canada interesting.

The train remains one of the best transport systems in Canada. You can book train tickets online and get the best offers when visiting Canada.

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