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English course in Auckland + jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand
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English course in Auckland + Jobs in New Zealand


So you’ve received you’re New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, and want to improve your English as well as experience life in New Zealand? Well, here’s a program that allows you to do so by helping you engage employment opportunities and make use of your visa benefits.


What can you expect?


In this program, which is carried out with our partner school, you will have flexible studying hours, with classes either in the morning (from 9am-1pm) or the evening (from 4pm-8pm). This flexibility will give students control of their time, allowing you to also have a seasonal job. Our partner school will also provide you with personalised tuition, to help you address any areas you’re struggling in.

A Career Advisor will conduct a one to one CV Workshop with you, to help you craft and polish your CV. On top of this, students can attend CV and recruitment workshops and seminars for those looking for jobs in Auckland. You’ll also go for arranged interviews with employers in the hospitality and agricultural industries, and have 1 job interview with a guaranteed job placement for a fee of NZ$500.

What jobs would you be looking at though? Well, you would either be working in the hospitality or agricultural industry. In the hospitality industry, you’ll be involved in Auckland’s famous food industry, working at either a bar, café or restaurant. This is also an excellent chance for you to hone the language skills you picked up from your studies. In the agricultural industry, you’ll either be working in some of New Zealand’s best known vineyards – where you will be helping  to create Auckland’s renowned fine wines - or you will be working on a farm, picking some of the tastiest fruits and vegetables to be found anywhere.

The minimum salary in NZ is $14.50 an hour, and the working hours are usually for 6-8hours a day, and 30+ hours a week.


Fun and excitement!


What about when you have free time? Well, Auckland is often thought as synonymous with outdoor, natural entertainment. It also has a vibrant and varied entertainment scene, however, with many cities and towns offering a range of entertainment venues including: bungee jumping, gaming and racing tracks, movies and theatres, musical events, parks and reserves, public pools and gyms, the Auckland Zoo and even an underwater safari! And don’t worry too much about the cost or having enough money - many outdoor events are often provided for free or for a small donation. You can also find out more about the culture and heritage of the Maori – the Auckland War memorial museum has the biggest collection of Maori taonga (treasures) in the world, plus you can see performances of traditional Maori songs and dances.


What do you need?


All you need to join this programme is a Working Holiday Visa and a good grasp of basic English. We at Freepackers will assist you in settling in and getting started in your life there, so don’t dilly-dally! Sign up now!

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