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English and Barista Course in New Zealand

New Zealand
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English and Barista Course in New Zealand


For all you aspiring Barista’s out there, this is the course for you! Learn English at an appropriate level (you will be assessed on site) from our diverse teaching staff, and receive Barista training once you have managed to get IELTS level 5 in your English course! With the Barista certificate and a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, you can take part in Takapuna Beach’s vibrant café culture by working in a coffee bar or a cafeteria. Learn to make the following coffee varieties perfectly as part of your barista training; the flat white, the cappuccino, the latté, the short black, the long black, the macchiato, the ristretto, the mochaccino, any many, many more!


What is included in the Barista training package?


This program combines a 12 week English course with a 1 week Barista Course. English classes are held from 9am to 1pm while the Barista course is from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. With the combination of the English and the Barista course, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your English as well as learn essential coffee making skills.

The Barista course covers both the theory and practical aspects of coffee making and customer service skills. This course is an intensive programme that will equip you with the practical skills you need to be able to confidently produce a café style cup of coffee, tea or smoothie, getting you ready for the New Zealand Hospitality industry and providing you an opportunity for employment after graduating from both courses (ESOL & Barista). And whether you choose to go to a small seaside town or a large city, the café culture is vibrant in New Zealand and there is rarely a place to eat without the smell of roasted coffee and the sound of an espresso machine, which means there will be endless job opportunities for you.


Need a break?


When you need to take a break from studying or working, head on down to Takapuna, New Zealand’s best urban beach. With some of the best options on the North Shore for boutique shopping and nightlife, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to go to unwind! If you're more of the outdoorsy type, however, get closer to nature by exploring the beach, which offers enough breathtaking coastlines and panoramic views – including that of the volcanic island of Rangitoto - to satisfy even the most discerning adventurer.


Getting Started.


When you sign up for this package, Freepackers will assist you in applying for a New Zealand Working Holiday or Student visa for the period of study and work. We’ll also arrange for a free transfer upon your arrival to Auckland International Airport to your school for your 12 week English course. Once you’re done, you’ll then do your 1 week Barista course, after which you’ll be provided with hospitality industry contacts and placement for free.

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