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Interview with Manon Clauin in the Kiwi Birdlife Park

New Zealand
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English Course + Volunteering in New Zealand


Manon Clauin, a student from France, came to Wellington to enrol in a 6 week English + volunteer programme.  She started in February with 3 weeks English class, then worked as a volunteer at the Wellington Zoo the following 3 weeks.



What did you think about your experience in New-Zealand?

I had a good time in New Zealand and I guess what struck me the most was how friendly people were.

Did you try any NZ specific food while you were here? What did you think about it? I went to have a burger at Burger Fuel, and it was really nice. We don’t have Burger Fuel in France.

What was your favourite spot in Wellington?
Probably Wellington’s Harbour. It’s very beautiful and I really enjoyed going there.

What did you think of your Hostel?
My hostel was really good. It was clean, comfortable, the kitchen was really convenient. The people staying at the hostel were all very nice and the staff was quite friendly and ready to help any time I needed them.

How was your experience at ETC?
I felt really welcomed and I feel that my English has improved in my time here. I have made a lot of good friends here. The classes were very varied with a good balance between writing tasks and speaking tasks. I appreciated to have a different teacher in the morning and in the afternoon as people have different ways of working and they all have different things to teach you.

You have taken part in a lot of activities at the school, which one was your favourite?
There were so many of them, it’s hard to choose… But I would say the “Discover Wellington” option I did on Fridays with Ping. It was very interesting to get to see all these museums and discover a new side of the city. I also attended the Conversation Club every week and it was really fun!


What did you think of your teachers?

I had two teachers, Jay in the morning and Christine in the afternoon. I really enjoyed their classes. My teachers were really attentive to my needs and they were always there if I needed to talk to them. I did some extra homework several time and they readily corrected it and gave me feedback which was really helpful. My teachers always had interesting things to talk about, it was really fun to learn with them.

You have done some volunteer work at the Wellington Zoo, can you tell me a bit more about it?
It was quite an adventure. It has been a very interesting experience. I did feel that my level of English, at times, might not have been good enough but it was good because it gave me some incentive to study harder.

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