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commonwealth-logo.jpgCommonwealth Bank Australia is the main bank for expats and Working Holiday Visa makers. It is the largest bank in Australia and specialises in setting up bank accounts for those who are not yet residing or working in Australia.


Open a bank account online and ensure that your credit card or bank account is ready on your arrival in Australia. Experienced in providing bank accounts to people all over the world, Commonwealth Bank of Australia has thousands of cash points  available to customers in Australia and New Zealand and offers a very fast service once registered. The Australia Commonwealth Bank is proud of its dedicated UK based Relationship Executive, who will open your account and guide you through the account opening and money transfer process while you are living in Australia.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia offers its customers


  • 24/ 7 helpline to call if there is ever a problem when travelling
  • Online access to your account from anywhere in the world, not just when you are living in Australia
  • Thousands of ATMs in both Australia and New Zealand
  • Over 800 banks in these countries if travellers need to access their money quickly or sort out an issue 
  • Due to the strong relationship between Commonwealth Bank Australia and international banks, money transfers are made very easy between bank accounts, making the Australia Commonwealth Bank the ideal option for travellers.


Open your bank account in Australia today - as long as you have the intention to travel within a year of applying. Get your credit card ready on arrival- it's easy and free!

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