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Experience the Wild, Rugged Beauty of Australia’s Vistas, with all the Comforts of Home - Rent a Campervan!


Australia is a wonderful country to visit, with incredible experiences for nature enthusiasts. The stars that come out over the deserts in the lands over Down Under, sparkle in their brilliance, and the green serenity of Australia’s National Parks is not to be missed.


However, Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, and the trip out to see and experience its natural beauty is often long and tiring, taking hours out of their day, cutting short the time visitors actually have to enjoy their visit.


One clear and obvious solution, be it for true nature enthusiasts or just those who appreciate having easy access to modern conveniences (especially the loo!), is to rent a Campervan, and truly devote their trip to enjoying the experience.


Campers for everyone!


Our partner’s Campers are available for rental by anyone over 18 years old, who holds a full license (so those under 21, including students, and people on working holidays or gap years need not worry). All our Campers come with air-conditioning (a must when travelling through the brutal heat of Australia’s open deserts!). All our Campers also come with Power Steering, so they are easy to handle.


We’re here to help


Taking a long trip? Just making a one way trip across the country? We’ve got something for every situatio – we offer excellent long term rental rates, and provide one way rentals so that you can plan your trip without worrying about long detours just to return a vehicle.


You can ask for free maps, drive guides and camping guides to help you navigate through Australia’s vast landscape, with special hints and tips to help drivers new to the country, and we’ve worked with our partners to throw in special discounts along the way, including a 10% discount on selected caravan parks. Plus with 24 hour Roadside Assistance across Australia, you never have to worry about being stranded.


Worried about causing damage? We keep things simple and easy. All you need to do to meet our damage liability conditions is to give us an imprint of your credit card.


So what are you waiting for? Book your Campervan with us now!


Looking for a More Permanent Option? Why Not Buy Your Own Car or Campervan?  


We also offer cars and campers for sale, for those who prefer a more permanent option. With our National Guaranteed Buyback Scheme, our Try & Buy Scheme, 3 day money back guarantee, 14 day total warranty, 5000km engine and gearbox warranty, 24 hour roadside assistance, and expert advice with car registration and insurance, buying your own vehicle has never been so safe and simple.


We have more than 100 vehicles for sale spread over 6 locations across Australia. We’ve sold more than 10,000 vehicles to travellers from all over the world.


What are you waiting for? Contact us today! 

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