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Daily budget in Canada



The cost of living in Canada is comparable to that of Europe, if a little higher in the Anglophone provinces. It is significantly more than that of the United States. Canada has a very strong economy due to its abundant natural resources. 


When you are on a Canadia Working Holiday Visa, you should consider accommodation and transportation as you will need a budget of around $100 CAD per person, per day in Canada. This budget does not take entertainment or activities into account, yet it is essential to take full advantage of everything that this country has to offer, from winter sports or hiking through the national parks to water sports and much more besides.


Depending on the province, 10 to 15 % tax should be added. In restaurants, service is around 15% ; all in all, you can assume a further 25% on top of the prices indicated in the menu. A waiter’s basic salary is very low and most of their income comes from tips. This is an institution for those living in Canada, and it is customary to leave 15% tax-free.


Transport & Accommodation budget 


If you are interested in travelling in Canada, you will need to budget around $20 per day, even if you do not travel every day, as prices for flights and long distance tickets can become rather costly - especially when booked last minute.


  • Low-cost domestic flights:Tickets have been made more affordable for those on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa, with the arrival of low-cost airlines such as Westjet.


  • Greyhound Canada: The national bus network covers the whole of Canada, 365 days a year.  Student and young peoples’ tickets are available with the ISIC card.  Coach Canadaserves Ontario and Quebec as the low-cost Megabusequivalent. 


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