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Daily budget on a Working Holiday in Australia

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Budget per day in Australia


The required daily budget in Australia is roughly equivalent to Europe and North America. A budget of around $100 AUD per day per personis required to cover transport, backpacker's accommodation and food. Those travelling on a Working Holiday Visa will generally have no problem financing their trip with seasonal work in Australia. For others living in Australia, it is possible to further reduce the daily budget to less than $60 AUD per day – see our tips at the bottom of this page.


Entertainment and accommodation budget



  • One course meal: $10 - $15 AUD surf-camp.jpg
  • Breakfast:  from $8 AUD
  • Bier: $3 AUD / Bottle of wine: $8 - 10 AUD
  • Wine box ("goon"): $10 AUD
  • Cinema ticket: $12 AUD 
  • Bed in a backpackers hostel: $25 - $35 AUD (dorm)
  • 1 double room in a motel: from $80 AUD


Transport budget


- Flights: Round the World tickets and Working Holiday Visa tickets are usually the best value airfares to Australia. Low cost flights: watch out for low cost airlines such as Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Tiger Airways, as they regularly promote specials for online bookings... ticket fares between Sydney and Melbourne can get as low as AUD 40!


- Greyhound Australia. Covering 1,100 destinations a day, all year long, Greyhound Australiais the ultimate low-cost transportation dedicated to Working Holiday Visa and independent travellers in Australia. 


- Renting a car or a campervanin Australia is becoming an affordable option, especially if you are travelling in a group - it’s generally best to budget around $50 AUD per day. Working Holiday Visa travellers can buy their own car on arrival. 




- Travelling by trainused to be reserved for higher budgets, but the influx of backpackers and Working Holiday Visa travellers in recent years has forced railway companies to offer competitive prices.


- Hitch hiking: It is fairly easy to hitchhike while living in Australia, as a good number of drivers do stop and will drive you considerable distances, especially in the more remote areas. This mode of travel is no riskier than elsewhere in the world (a little more so for females) and can be an great opportunity to make contact with the locals. Some states such as Victoria prohibit this practice, especially if you position yourself at the entrance to a motorway.


Price comparison for transport between Sydney - Cairns (2945km)

Low cost flight
From $166 AUD
Greyhound mini traveller pass 90 days
 $367 AUD
Campervan rental 21 days
From $1,350 AUD
Car rental 21 days
From $1,470 AUD


Price comparison for transport between Sydney - Melbourne (1545km)

Low cost flight

   From  $38 AUD

Greyhound mini traveller pass 90 days        

  $102 AUD

Ghan (Rail Australia)

   $171 AUD

Campervan rental 7 days

   From $470 AUD

Car rental 7 days

   From $490 AUD



How can we manage when we are stony broke?


Given the cost of socialising, accommodation and transport, you need to ensure a daily budget in Australia of around $100 AUD per person, or between AUD $2.500 and $3,000 per month. This budget does notaccount for entertainment and activities, so you should make sure that you do budget for socialising- it’s absolutely essentialthat you don’t miss out and take full advantage of living in Australia! Your savings can go up in smoke after a few weeks, as prices can be higher than expected. Working Holiday Visa travellers and backpackers may be able to spend less; here are some tips on how to significantly reduce this budget.


Fruit picking worknot only allows you to be fed and housed for the lowest cost, but the living and working environment also presents far fewer opportunities to spend money, which makes it easier for you to save up. In addition, it is possible to extend the Working Holiday Visa for an additional year if you have worked in a rural setting for 3 months.


Re-location of rental vehicles- Car and campervan rental companies advertise daily looking for people to return a hire car to a given destination. The companies pay for petrol and put the vehicle entirely at your disposal for free, the only drawback being that the trip must be made as soon as possible.



Cooking in hostels- Almost all backpackers have a large fully-equipped communal kitchen, allowing groups of travellers to socialise around a plate of food. Also don't forget the 'goon', which is a fast food-style wine and the backpackers’ vintage in Australia! The minimum cost is $8 AUD per cubi, but it is NOTrecommended for wine lovers!

Flat share- You have found a job and you have set off to spend several months in the same place, so why not search for a more permanent residence? Temporary flatshare is a far cheaper option than staying in a youth hostel over the long term.


Follow these tips to ensure that you make the most of your budget in Australia - meaning more left over for fun!

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