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If you are interested in living in Argentina on a Working Holiday Visa, it is mandatory to open a bank account before starting any paid activity, as employers generally refuse to pay cash or transfer money to foreign bank accounts. To open an account in one of the Argentinian banks, you will need:


  • Proof that you live in Argentina
  • A passport and an employment contract, if applicable.
  • A minimum deposit is often required, with the exact amount varying from bank to bank.


HSBCis one of the largest banks in Argentina and may be a better option for internationals looking to open an account in South America, given its global recognition. The Citibank and Bank Boston are also two very popular choices for travellers looking to work in Argentina.


Global roaming SIM and internet access


Although a fairly new concept in South America, with ADSL lines first being laid in 1998, most hostels and hotels in Argentina will be equiped with internet access and wi-fi, especially in the larger cities such as Buenos Aires. If you are travelling without a laptop or computer device, it may be useful to check ahead if your hostel or hotel has facilities, or a local cafe may also offer computer time while you are living in Argentina.


Global roaming SIM cards are also very useful for international calls when travelling- you can save up to 90% on international calls! For short stays, you can buy vouchers for international calls that can be used from any landline. They can be found in most convenience stores when you're travelling around. Look out for local deals with ekit at the time you are visiting.


Insurance and healthcare


Health care in Argentina is provided through three systems:

  • Public-Free health care for all is written into Argentina’s constitution. Standards vary, as do waiting times for consultant appointments and surgery.
  • The obras sociales,or union-backed health insurance funds for the use of employees or staff groups. There are more than 300 such health funds, with each chapter being organised according to the occupation of the beneficiary. Cover varies greatly, as does care provision.
  • Private- This covers nearly two million Argentines. They use private medical insurers. Expats report a broadly satisfactory provision of care. Private hospitals are usually better equipped and better staffed than in the other two systems.


The quality of health care in Argentina is generally very high and although private medical care is the best for staff- patient numbers and hospitals are generally better equiped, the standards in general hospitals is still very high. In fact, Argentina rivals European standards for offering government funded healthcare. As a traveller, it is entirely individual choice whether you decide to take out private health insurance when working and living in Argentina, as there are medical services free and readily available to you.



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