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Looking for Freedom on a Budget?


New Zealand is known around the world for its laid back lifestyle, delicious food, exciting and adventurous activities and picturesque towns. It’s a place that invites exploration and discovery, with little gems secreted across the Islands.


For the true adventurer, a standard travel tour and hotel package won’t be anywhere near enough. Two days here, one day there, and a week elsewhere? On top of that, a regimented 8am to 6pm itinerary with every single thing planned from start to end, right down to the menu for the mid-afternoon snack on Wednesdays?


Sounds like a summer camp instead of a true holiday adventure, doesn’t it? So why not plan your own trip, with no restrictions? Take matters into your own hands!

Jump on – Jump off


Our partner offers one of the best and most comprehensive networks of buses in New Zealand. It’s perfect for the traveller looking for freedom to explore New Zealand at their own pace. Our network operates on a “Jump on – Jump off” basis, so you’ll never be tied down to someone else’s schedule.


See a little café you want to while the day away at, with nothing but a book and some delicious, freshly baked cake? You can; all day, all week even if you like.


Popped into a new town and realised that they’ve got their annual fair in two days? No rush to catch the bus… you can stay as long as you like.


Exhausted from the excitement of your first bungee jump, or the first climb you’ve made up a sheer, natural rock cliff? Need a day of just lazing around the hotel snoozing your body back to health? Go for it!


What if you’ve arrived in a town that you absolutely hate? Who says you have to stay there any longer than the time it takes for you to hop on another bus? 


You shall use our pass!     

With our pass, you’ll get to visit places others wouldn’t. You can jump off in the countryside and see the small town charm of New Zealand, even visit the local shops selling handmade treasures or locally sourced produce. As an added bonus, you can take your pick of backpacker hostels in more remote towns and cities.


The best part? You can use our bus passes to make as many trips as you like. We’ve got passes that are valid for up to 12 months, at a fixed price.


With us, even if you travel alone you’ll be travelling with like-minded and adventurous people. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends!


Should you feel like taking it easy and just following the crowd for a bit, we’ll still have you covered! We offer tours so you can follow our experienced guides on a journey of discovery. Our tours start from Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown.


We offer several different types of travel passes, so contact us to take a look and pick the one that best suits you!

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