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Studying abroad is the perfect way to get a combination of education and cultural exposure in at the same time. The following five countries provide music, food and fun as well as the opportunity to study in great educational institutions.


Study Abroad in Germany


Well known for its lager, Germany offers free, or close to free, education. Most of the public universities in Germany are free to attend; yes, even to students studying abroad. Universities that collect tuition are not much higher than five hundred euros (approximately five hundred eighty dollars). Want to get a bang for your buck? New York University at Berlin includes guided excursions in and around Berlin as part of their program.


As for sightseeing, there is tons to do in Germany. This country is full of historical information from World War I and II, as well as the Cold War. It is impossible to visit Germany and miss seeing what is left of the Berlin Wall. For students visiting in October, Oktoberfest in Munich is sure to be a tasty treat. Spend some time discovering the diversity of German beers! 


Study abroad in the Netherlands


This picturesque country has a low crime rate as well as low unemployment rates and is home to many liberal cities. For those concerned with the environment, bicycle riding is very much a thing in the Netherlands. It seems like there are more people riding bikes than driving cars here and there are even parking garages reserved for two-wheeled transportation only.


Class structures are a little different in the Netherlands, and cater to those who prefer to learn in small groups. Classes are performed in small groups of about 12 – 15 students as opposed to large lecture halls. This format provides a more intimate setting where learning is student-centered and group discussion oriented. When considering where to study in the Netherlands, the highest ranked university in this country is the University of Amsterdam.


Study abroad in Australia

While the education here might not be among the cheapest, Australia is home to five of the universities listed in the Times Higher Education World Rankings of 2013-2014. You are sure to receive a quality educational experience in one of the seventeen universities participating in a travel abroad program.


For those who love the animals and the great outdoors, Australia is the place to be. Australia’s unique array of animal species is one of the things that calls adventures to the land down under. 317 mammal species, 828 bird species, and 4000 fish species can be found in Australia. There is no doubt that you will return home with pictures posing with koalas and kangaroos. The beautiful beaches of Australia will also give you an opportunity to try your hand at surfing. Of course you can’t leave the famous Opera House off of you list of things to see and do here.


Study Abroad in England

Aside from the wonderful accent and endless amounts of castles, England has much to offer to travel abroad students. If you chose to study in London, King’s College offers a flexible schedule with a requirement of only nine in-class hours; the rest of your time is considered independent study. If history is your niche, studying in Oxford or Cambridge would be great experience as they are the oldest universities in the UK and located in very historical towns.


If you are studying in England, London is a city that cannot be missed. Stick around for the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, visit Big Ben, and get a breathtaking view of the city on the London Eye. For those studying English, Literature or History, a Shakespeare tour is a must while in England. The prehistoric monument, Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire should also make it on your to do list while in England.


Study abroad in India


For students interested in history, public health or religious studies, India is a great country filled with amazing sights and sounds. Because India is a country that is under development in many areas, not only will you attain a theoretical education, but you will also have the opportunity to get hands on training and experience. In India, you will be learning as well as making a contribution to the community through your education.


Once all the hard work is done, make sure to visit the Taj Mahal and the Buddhist Caves of Ajanta. Home to many temples and one of the oldest cities in South Asia, Madurai, is sure to offer exquisite architectural sights. The “can’t-miss” of this travel abroad experience is a camel ride/tour in the Great Indian Dessert.


Wherever you choose to study, make sure you pack a camera to capture all the memories you will make studying abroad. 


Jason Kane is a professional blogger who loves to travel and write about it. He currently writes for Travel Docs , where he goes to for any passport and visa needs.

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