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Backpacker Hostels



The Backpacker Hostelsnetwork is dense and spread throughout the country, making it a great port of call for those that require accommodation in New Zealand. The relaxed atmosphere of a Backpackers hostel attracts travellers from the four corners of the globe, with its vibrant and exciting social life. All hostels have a kitchen, laundry and communal rooms (encompassing the internet, bars and breakfast rooms). Some hostels offer additional facilities such as a travel agent and/or a Job Centrespecifically for those on Working Holiday Visas.


You are advised to reserve your bed in a Backpackers hostel in advance during high season (December to February), particularly around Queenstown and the Fjords where accommodation tends to be fully booked weeks in advance. 


Base-snowboard.jpgBASE Backpacker Hostelsare a revolution in beds, bars and entertainment. Base hostels are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and are specially designed for the modern day global travellers, with state of the art facilities, superior comfort and friendly services.


Average price per person:

-  $20-30 NZD per night for a bed in a dorm
- $60-70 NZD per night in a double room


For more information about Backpackers accommodation in New Zealand and to book online, simply visit  Base Backpackers .


Hotels and B&Bs


Bed & Breakfasts (guest rooms) are a very popular form of accommodation in New Zealand as they tend to be more welcoming and cheaper than hotels. While some are fairly high-end, most are more “rustic”, with bathrooms and other such amenities being shared. The average price is $100-$150 NZD per room per night. It’s also possible to spend one or two nights on a farm, which is a great way to discover the rural way of life at a lower price!



Camping in New Zealand


Camping in New Zealand is clearly the most economical way of travelling. New Zealand has a large number of campsites where you can pitch a tent or park your camper.  Campsites often have a kitchen, swimming pool, barbecue area, TV lounge and sometimes a sauna, and are reknowned for cleanliness! To pitch a tent, you should budget between $10 and $18 NZD per night, on average.


In addition to private campsites, you will find around 120 sites that are administered by the Department of Conservation (DOC). They are generally quite basic, but are located in the most beautiful nooks of a regional park or national forest, on a beach or beside a lake or river. Price per person is around NZD $5.

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