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Backpackers Accommodation in Canada

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Backpackers accommodation


  • vacances-travail-canada.jpgIn a Backpacker hostel, budget for $30 to $50 CAD per person per night 
  • In a hotel or motel, budget for $80 to $140 CAD per night for 2 in a private room.


Prices are exclusive of tax and you can count on a further 20% once tax has been included. Prices for backpackers accommodation become inflated over the summer and Christmas holidays, but then go down by 20 to 30% in the spring and autumn and drop by 40 to 50% in the winter – except for ski resorts.


Hostels and B&B 


Canadian hostelsare well-known for their convivial atmosphere and are ideal for meeting other travellers on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa.  This is a good choice for temporary accommodation for international students and those on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa. All Canadian hostels offer a fully equipped kitchen and internet access. Most Canadian hostels are affiliated to the Hostelbookers network.


For the same price as a hotel, you receive a warm and personalised welcome in a Canadian family(B&B). For those living in Canada on a small budget (students and Working Holiday Visas), B&Bs are certainly worth a try at least once, and for those on a bigger budget they are definitely preferable to hotels. Reservations should be made at the local tourist office.


Camping in Canada



Canada is one of the most well organised countries in the world for camping! Campsites are superbly equipped with sanitation facilities, along with specific areas for making your own wood fire. Many sites also rent mini chalets (cabins). Camping in Canada is another good way to save money when travelling and living in Canada on a limited budget. Prices vary from $15 to $35 CAD for a tent, depending on the location and facilities available. Book ahead in the summer, particularly around the major cities.


Do note that a significant number of campsites are closed from October to May.


Staying in a Canadian Ranch


The Ranch of Alberta and British Columbiahave become temporary homes to more and more travellers on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa. All ranches in Canada are located in vast open spaces, often in mountainous regions like the Rockies. As a Canada is never far from a lake or a river, not only riding, hiking and climbing are available, but also canoeing, swimming, rafting and fishing, with some ranches even being open in winter. You can sleep in a room that sleeps several, or an individual log cabin, in the main building or in a tent. You can either have just bed and breakfast or full board.  Book well in advance! Ranch listings are published by the tourist offices in Alberta and British Columbia.


There are two main categories ranch in Canada

The working ranch is still very much in business. Here cattle and horses are bred and you will find very nice, rustic comfort.  The guest ranch specialises in visitor hospitality.


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