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Accommodation for backpackers in Argentina

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Hostels are the cheapest, most social and adventurous accommodation in Argentina, with thousands of backpackers choosing to stay in hostels all over the country every year. Try browsing online before booking your trip for hostels recommended by other backpackers who know what it is like to live in Argentina, with websites such as Hostelbookers being great sources of reviews and tips on backpackers accommodation.


Sometimes, the best advice is word of mouth, so listen to recommendations as you're travelling about and trust others' experience of backpackers accommodation. The general rate for a room per night is $16 in a hostelin Argentina, which includes breakfast and towels. Most hostels offer other services like wi-fi and luggage storage, useful if you are looking to stay longer than one or two nights. 


Camping in Argentina



With its numerous national parks and stunning scenery, Argentina appeals to those brave travellers who enjoy sleeping under the stars. Campsites are widely available throughout Argentina and can often be the cheapest option for those living in Argentina on a budget. 

For the braver traveller, there is an option of wild camping as Argentineans often enjoy a nomadic lifestyle. If you opt to camp in the wild, you must ensure it is public property that you are pitching your tent on and not farmers land! Research the national parks, too, as they may have differing rules on rough camping.


Top tips for campers


  • In hotter climates, you should be prepared to pay a premium or arrive at your campsite early to find a shaded spot. The same advice applies for colder climates where shelter from the wind could save you a night of re-pegging your tent.
  • A head torchcomes in very useful when trying to find the toilet block at night!
  • Many campsites are situated outside the main towns, so be prepared to walk or take a busif you don't own a campervan.


Apartments and flat shares


For those travellers who have secured work in one particular city and need more permanent accommodation in Argentina, there is always the option of a flatshare or renting a furnished apartment. This is something you will need to organise before travelling to Argentina, unless you decide upon visiting to stay in one place, as space is limited. The best way to search is online for apartments or flats via easy roommate  for the best means of living in Argentina.

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