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5 Tips For Budget Traveling In Sydney

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Opera-House.jpgSydney is being considered as one of the most livable cities of the world and it truly lives up to this credit. Sydney has a plethora of things to do and see without digging a deep hole in the pockets of its visitors. Here is a summary of a few tips on budget traveling in Sydney to sink in the beauty of this city without having to blow your budget off balance:


1. When to Visit
For a budget traveler, the time of the year of the visit matters a lot. The city is known to bask in a sunny climate all the year round and summers, i.e. from November to February, are the peak season of tourist's rush. It is hence recommended to travel at any other time of the year if you are a budget tourist. Spring and autumn can be great times to travel.


2. Getting Around
The most affordable way to commute in Sydney is Sydney metro which offers monorail and light rail. Both these services, open 24 hours a day, provide whole day passes for $37.50 AUD ($35.50 USD) for a family which provides you unlimited number of free rides and $100 worth of discount coupons which can be redeemed at museums, restaurants and other places. Both the lines have stops at major tourist attractions. Metered taxis are also easy to locate and are a reasonably priced means of commuting between places.

Many visitors prefer exploring the city from water and ferries on Sydney harbor are quite inexpensive should you also so desire. Circular Quay is the ferries' starting point and they charge $8 AUD ($7.50 USD) for a round trip. A more inexpensive way is to get DayTripper passes for $16 AUD for adults and $8 AUD for kids to enjoy unlimited 24 hours of travel on ferries. Other cheaper options are DayTripper family ticket and weekly passes.


3. Where to Stay
The city has on its menu, a large number of accommodations varying in affordability from backpacker to luxury. Budget travelers are advised to look out for serviced apartments. A number of websites are active on the internet and you can comfortably make a reservation beforehand. The city also offers a large number of hostels which can be available for quite cheap and the reservations can be made through the internet.


4. Where to Eat
The variety of culinary delights that the city offers is matchless. This has also been a source of the city's wealth and prosperity. The strong influence of the Asian population has made Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes a huge hit in this city. And the good news is that most of the restaurants that offer you good taste are reasonably priced and you do not have to shell out big sums of money to indulge in them. Sydney fish market offers you a great opportunity to get fresh seafood, both cooked and sushi style. The Sydney fish market has been credited with the distinction of selling more species of seafood than any other market barring Japan. You can get cheap seafood at a number of informal eateries that sell off the boat seafood.


5. Sydney Sights and Attractions
The Sydney Opera house on the waterfront is a treat to the eyes, whether during day or night. This architectural marvel of 1973 vintage hosts the Sydney Symphony, Opera Australia, Australian Ballet and several other art troupes. A good way to save on the tickets is to buy them online. You can get a guided tour of the interior of the building for as less as $27.50 AUD and educate yourself on the tragedy ridden legend of the architect of this masterpiece, Joern Utzon. The real appeal of the building lies in its outer appearance and a look costs nothing.


From there you can have a look at the Sydney harbor, popularly known as the "Coathanger", a term that you can relate to only on visiting the place. Sydney also boasts of a number of well maintained parks that are a good place for tourists to relax.

It is best to learn local customs and etiquette while embarking on a budget holiday as you might need to negotiate for prices at places. Also, some information about the local markets and their practices might help you save a few bucks, for example, restaurants may charge a little extra during weekends.


Melissa is a travel addict from Australia. She usually keeps her stories and travel experience for friends and family only. However this time she made an exception and shared her story with us. Its important to add that her trip to Sydney was possible because of frequent flyer points that she has earned with Virgin Australia


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